The Water Cycle

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Every living thing on Earth needs water to survive. Fortunately, Mother Nature’s got a pretty smart way of recycling water – the water cycle.
Fun Facts about the Water Cycle for Kids

  1. The sun turns water on the Earth into a vapor. Water comes from the ocean, lakes, rivers and streams. It also comes from plants, trees and the ground. This is called transpiration.
  2. As the vapor rises, it gets cold. When it gets cold, it gathers in clouds. This is called condensation.
  3. When the clouds get too heavy to hold the water any longer, they drop it back to Earth in the form of rain, sleet, snow or hail.
  4. Some of the water runs into lakes, streams, rivers and oceans.
  5. Some of it soaks deep into the ground, creating underground aquifers. When someone digs a well, they are tapping into an underground aquifer to find water for drinking.
  6. Ground water is water that soaks into the ground. Eventually some of it travels to the ocean, picking up salt and other minerals on its way. This is why the ocean is salty.
  7. Water trapped in glaciers and ice caps can be millions of years old. It is the purest water on Earth.





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Commercial/ malls

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